The Group's strategy is focused on growing both its Own Digital Platform and Digital Partnerships

Seraphine will expand its existing platform with continued growth in existing markets, where it has significant potential for further growth in Western Europe and North America, and a phased rollout to new geographies, such as the Nordics. It will seek to enhance its digital marketing capabilities to drive greater traffic to its websites and increase its penetration of its global markets.

At the same time Seraphine will seek to increase its customer reach by expanding its business with existing digital distribution platform partners and seeking new partnerships including other digital specialists and multi-channel retailers.

This consistent digital strategy is supported by the Group's sharp focus on maternity and nursing products which marks Seraphine out as a leading specialist brand with superior technical product expertise and powerful digital marketing scale and specialism.

The Group's strong focus on maternity and nursing products has enabled it to become a market leader in this sector. With over 18 years' experience in designing maternity and nursing wear exclusively, the Seraphine brand is synonymous with innovative and functional products which has given Seraphine a strategic advantage over its competitors.

Seraphine's international reach through its digital approach brings global brand recognition, with exports to over 120 countries in FY21. Seraphine is recognised globally as a leading maternity and nursing wear brand and This brand status, underpinned by celebrity and press endorsement, is an acknowledgment of Seraphine, as a market leader in its sector.

The Group will continue to invest in its highly effective marketing strategy which drives brand awareness and customer conversion.

Seraphine will continue its efficient digital platform rollout strategy to drive an increase in traffic to its websites and convert browsers into customers. The Group plans to establish new dedicated country-specific websites for key jurisdictions supported by targeted digital marketing in the local language.