The Group’s innovative approach to dressing pregnant and new mums aims to create a better future for the environment and the society into which the next generation are being born.

From the start, The Group’s design ethos has centred on creating high quality, well-constructed, functional clothes for pregnancy and nursing with a strong focus on longevity of products, continuity of range (not fast fashion) and a commitment to greener packaging.

The directors recognise the importance of The Group’s focus on sustainability given the social and environmental impact of the wider fashion industry and the need for continuous improvement in supply chain and ESG performance. The Group's focus on sustainability starts with the in-house design team and monthly engagement with all heads of department to discuss and review progress towards meeting its sustainability goals.

The Group has set out a roadmap to achieve its 'better planet' Mission using the power of The Group’s supplier relationships to ensure that the people making its clothes thrive and that the clothes are made in ways that leave the environment in a better state for tomorrow’s generation.